Unofficial election results from November 6

Statewide results

Attorney General
Josh Kaul (49.54%)
*Brad Schimel (48.68%)
Terry Larson (1.78%)

Tony Evers (49.59%)
*Scott Walker (48.43%)
Phil Anderson (0.76%)
Maggie Turnbull (0.70%)
Michael White (0.41%)
Arnie Enz (0.10%)

Secretary of State
*Doug Fa Follette (52.81%)
Jay Schroeder (47.19%)

Sarah Godlewski (50.93%)
Travis Hartwig (46.78%)
Andrew Zuelke (2.29%)

U.S. Senate
*Tammy Baldwin (55.44%)
Leah Vukmir (44.56%)

U.S. House-Dis. 8
*Mike Gallagher (63.71%)
Beau Liegeois (36.29%)

State Assembly-Dis. 2
Shae Sortwell (54.86%)
Mark Grams (36.96%)
Jeff Dahlke (5.46%)
Kevin Bauer (2.72%)

State Assembly-Dis.
*David Steffen (54.85%)
Terry Lee (45.15%)
State Assembly-Dis. 5
*Jim Steineke (61.06%)
Matt Lederer (38.94%)

State Assembly-Dis. 6
*Gary Tauchen (61.37%)
Richard Sarnwick (31.79%)
Mike Hammond (6.84%)

State Assembly-Dis. 40
*Kevin Petersen (64.07%)
Erin Tracy (35.93%)

State Assembly-Dis. 55
*Mike Rohrkaste (55.18%)
Dan Schierl (44.82%)

State Assembly-Dis. 56
*Dave Murphy (59.82%)
Diana Lawrence (40.18%)

State Senate-Dis. 1
Andre Jacque (54.54%)
*Caleb Frostman (45.46%)

State Senate-Dis. 19
*Roger Roth (53.25%)
Lee Snodgrass (46.75%)

Outagamie County results

Sheriff Outagamie County
Clint C. Kriewaldt (97.47%)
Write-in (2.27%)

Coroner Outagamie County
Doug A. Barelt (55.48%)
Travis J. Thyssen (44.36%)
Write-in (0.16%)

Clerk of Circuit Court Outagamie County
Barb Bocik (97.73%)
Write-in (2.27%)

Dark Story Advisory Referendum Outagamie County
“Should the state legislature enact proposed legislation that closes the Dark Store loopholes, which currently allow commercial retail properties to significantly reduce the assessed valuation and property tax of such properties, resulting in a substantial shift in taxes levied against other tax paying entities, such as residential home owners, and/or cuts in essential services provided by an affected municipality?”
Yes (73.97%)
No (26.03%)

Town of Black Creek
“Shall the person holding the office of the Town Clerk in the Town of Black Creek be appointed by the Town Board?”
Yes (60.10%)
No (39.90%)

Town of Maine
“Shall the person holding the office of the Town Treasurer in the Town of Maine be appointed by the town board?”
Yes (56.63%)
No (43.37%)

*indicates incumbent