Wisconsin 76 Improvements

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) held a public involvement meeting for the proposed improvements on Wisconsin 76 from the south County S junction to Wisconsin 54 in the towns of Ellington and Bovina, and in the village of Shiocton in Outagamie County.
Members of the project team were available to address questions and concerns regarding this project.
The meeting was an opportunity to exchange information helpful to their mutual understanding of the proposed project and its potential impacts.
Project Information
WisDOT is proposing to improve 4.7 miles of Wisconsin 76. Proposed improvements include:
•Mill/overlay of the existing pavement.
•Curb ramp improvements.
•Miscellaneous curb and gutter repair.
•Miscellaneous storm sewer repair.
•Pavement markings.
Proposed Traffic Impacts
During construction, Wisconsin 76 will remain open to traffic. As necessary, one lane at a time will be closed using a moving lane closure with flagging.
Real Estate
No additional right of way will be required for this project.
Wisconsin 76 Schedule
•The local officials meeting was held on Oct. 30, 2018.
•The design is on-going and will continue through summer 2020.
•Construction is tentatively scheduled for 2026 with the possibility of advancement to 2021, if funding becomes available.
Concerns people brought up at the meeting were typical of this type of project:
•Request for speed limit reduction…but for this location it is not planned to lower the speed limit. Several factors involved include:
•Drivers will continue to drive what they feel is comfortable….depending on the amount of enforcement
•Arbitrarily lowering the speed may cause an adverse safety impact. Some will follow the limit and others will continue to drive over it. This causes a speed differential that makes it unsafe for travel, causing rear end collisions and drivers making unsafe maneuvers around other slower vehicles.
•Drainage concerns including ditch cleaning needed and a culvert that is undersized. These have been passed along to our Maintenance Section to investigate as this work is outside of our scope.
•The school district was concerned about impacts to busing. WisDOT will plan to include specifications to keep the work outside the school seasons.
Submitted from Tim Rank WisDOT Project Manager