Crossing Guard Recognition Week Jan. 14 – 18

Sandy Struble has been keeping students safe for the last eight years as a crossing guard in Seymour. – Photo by Sara Tischauser

Trudy Koon wore a buffalo hat on Thursday, Jan. 10 during her crossing guard job at Black Creek Elementary and Middle School. – Photo by Linda Titel

Joyce Baggot is a crossing guard for the Shiocton Elementary and High School. – Photo by Linda Titel

By Sara Tischauser and Linda Titel
Editor and Assistant Editor

Residents in our area are making sure to keep students safe as they come to and leave school.
Since Jan. 14 – 18 is Wisconsin Adult School Crossing Guard Recognition Week, we wanted to introduce you to some of the adults that help make sure children are safe when crossing the road on the way to school and on the way home after school.
Sandy Struble has been a full-time crossing guard at the intersection of Lee and Hickory Street by Rock Ledge School in Seymour for eight years.
She said when she started she had to bring her kids to school, so she decided she could be a crossing guard since she was driving her kids to school anyway.
Struble said she enjoys being a crossing guard and has gotten to know some of the students.
“I like being outside and I like my coffee delivery,” Struble said. “The Kuba family routinely brings me coffee.”
She said she also likes seeing the children every day and is glad to be able to help keep the students safe.
Struble said without a crossing guard some students would probably just run out in front of cars. But she said she is there to stop them and make them wait until it is safe to cross.
However, Struble said she has had some close calls.
“There’ve been times when I’m in crosswalk and cars swerve around me and I have kids in the crosswalk,” Struble said.
While she said there used to be more of this happening, it doesn’t happen as often any more. When a car does go around her she gets the license plate number and calls it into the police department.
“Make a full stop,” Struble said is what drivers needs to do. “Wait until children and I are on the sidewalk before they proceed. And put your phones down.”
Black Creek
Trudy Koon has been a crossing guard for 13 years for the Black Creek Elementary and Middle School.
She became a crossing guard when her daughter was in kindergarten, her daughter is currently a senior at Seymour High School.
Koon said, “I have enjoyed being a crossing guard over the years and dress up whenever I get the chance. I wear a different hat everyday. I get smiles and recognition from the students, parents and even the bus drivers.”
Koon has watched some students become parents who now have children attending school and other parents around her age are now grandparents that have grandchildren attending school.
Koon said, “I love being a crossing guard mostly when it’s nice outside, and not windy. The weather can be difficult, and this job isn’t for everyone.”
Koon has been active in the school for the last 15 years volunteering her time in reading, writing and art or wherever she is needed.
She currently just got hired as a lifeguard for the Seymour Aquatic Center. Koon said, “I couldn’t even swim two years ago and now I’m a certified lifeguard.”
Joyce Baggot of Shiocton has been keeping kids safe for the last two and a half years as a crossing guard.
Baggot wears lots of hats, not like Trudy Koon does though, Baggot is a paraprofessional for the school, she also provides transportation for early childhood and a she is a back-up bus driver for field trips.
Baggot has three adult children that have graduated form Shiocton.
She patrols every morning, at the corner by the church. Baggot said, “I enjoy being outside and I don’t mind the cold weather as long as it’s not in the single digits. I like saying ‘good morning’ to the students every day, for some kids it’s the first greeting they hear that day.”
She likes the interaction between the kids and putting a smile on their faces before starting their school day.