Seymour students will keep the audience entertained with musical

Seymour students have been working hard preparing for their presentation of “9 to 5-The Musical” which they will perform for the public Feb. 7-10. Front row (left to right): Sam Glaser, Alicyn Kamke, Olivia Wery, Karlie Kaufman, Mercede Heinke, Natalie Maufort, Josie Felzer and Daniel Kump. Second row: Lydia Kedzierski, Reghan Paulick, Anna Miller, Katiana Kramer, Anna Forcey, Barbara Petzold, Ashley Myhill, Kassidy Duenas and Cole Solem. Third row: Naomi Maufort, Marianna Lopez, Alyssa Wojkiewicz, Ava Linsmeyer, Chloe Chance, Liz Wix, Amber Bunnell, Devon Koleske, Grant Schmidt, Ethan St. John and Justin Bowers. Fourth row: Tasha Rodgers, Zach Rastall, Rhiannen Paulick, Xavier Robbins, Laylah Maass, Haley Hess, Autumn Puyleart, Cole VandenHeuvel, Jaden Ojo, CeCe Madison and Ty Witthuhn. Back row: Niecie Freeman-Melchert, Anthony Silva, Ryleigh Paulick, Danielle Zahn, Brady Madison, Aaron Geurts, Cameron Wadzinksi and Evan Smet. Not pictured: Laura Wilkins. – Photo by Sara Tischauser

By Sara Tischauser

Seymour Community School District students have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming musical they will present in February.
The students will be performing “9 to 5-The Musical” which has music and lyrics by Dolly Parton and is based on the 1980s movie “9 to 5.”
Ryleigh Paulick a senior said this will be her third musical. She will be playing Judy Bernly and said the musical really made her and hopefully others look at what it was like in the 1970s.
“It [musical] shows sexism of the 1970s where men were always in a position of power and really shows women starting to take power,” Paulick said. “A lot of women empowerment in this musical.”
Elizabeth Wix a senior who is performing in her fourth musical will be playing the role of Violet Newstead. She said she really thinks the audience will enjoy this musical.
“The show is hilarious,” Wix said. “It is one of the funniest shows we have done.”
Chloe Chance a senior who is in her third musical will be playing the part of Doralee Rhodes. Chance said this musical really can give people a different perspective on how things could have been.
“I think people should see it to see changes that could have been done,” Chance said. “Also, it’s hilarious and the songs are so amazing.”
Wix said the songs really do leave the cast feeling energized. She said sometimes she and others find themselves dancing during the songs because the music itself just creates such energy.
Even when the students had an eight hour rehearsal on a Saturday, Chance said they were all energized at 8 a.m. and stayed energetic throughout the day because the musical just made them feel motivated and energetic.
Finding themselves as leads in this year’s musical is not something Wix, Chance or Paulick would have expected when they first started participating in musicals.
“I joined musical because I wanted to do something outside of my comfort zone,” Chance said. “It [performing in a musical] is a great thing to learn and be more comfortable with yourself.”
Paulick agreed that prior to be in the musicals, she too was shy and the musicals have really helped her be more confident and has truly made a difference in her life.
“We were all shy and came out of that,” Paulick said. “Musicals are one of the reasons we are more comfortable. Musicals are one of the big things that changed our lives.”
Wix agreed she is happy that she joined the musical four years ago and has continued to be active with the musicals.
“One of the best things in my life was to join musical,” Wix said.
Working together to put the musical together and prepare for the shows, brings all those involved a lot closer.
“Even after musical we stay connected and help each other out,” Paulick said. “We are genuinely a family.”
The students will perform “9 to 5-The Musical” for the public Feb. 7-10. The musical will be at 7 p.m. Feb. 7-9 and at 1 p.m. on Feb. 10.
Tickets will go on sale Jan. 28 and will be available that day from 7:30-8 a.m. in the old high school gym and will continue to be on sale every morning from 7:30-8 a.m. in the high school commons. After 8 a.m. tickets will be available in the high school office each day. Tickets are $10 for general admission and $12 for orchestra seating. All seats are reserved seating. Anyone who would like more information can call the high school office at (920) 833-2306 with inquiries.