Black Creek’s MHP LLC still non-compliant

By Linda Titel
Assistant Editor

The Black Creek Village board met on Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m.
“The fire department is not purchasing a steel tank, they are purchasing a skid unit for the brush truck that has a poly tank,” Trustee Justin Stingle said. This was approved by the rural fire committee which oversees the fire department, not the Black Creek Village Board. The fire department did not purchase a steel tank.
Guest speaker Barbara Van Straten asked the board why public communication from the meetings in a booklet form disappeared years ago. Trustee Stacie DeVoe answered the question stating that the board decided it was an extra cost for a booklet that most people viewed as junk mail. Van Straten said that she read the discontinued material from cover to cover and some other residents have told her they also missed that information. Van Straten also brought up the fact that the minutes from Black Creek’s village meetings are not released until the next month’s meeting when they are approved. Van Straten said that is too much time for the residents to find out what is going on in the village and other villages give a summary of their meetings the same week of the forum. President Steve Rettler said that the minutes have to be approved by the board at the next month’s meeting until they can be released to the public. Van Straten asked why other communities and villages are doing it differently and Rettler could not answer her. Van Sraten also brought up the fact that financials are no longer part of the minutes and the public should be able to view the financials like they did in the past, especially now due to a previous infraction of the finances. She finished by asking the board to consider her suggestions, there was no comment from any board member.
Black Creek Police Chief Lowell James announced to the board that he is promoting Officer Jeff Koehler to Sergeant Koehler.
This promotion will give Koehler the authority to make decisions and direct the other Black Creek officers in their duties while the police chief is absent. Chief James said he was already acting as an unofficial Sergeant but did not have any authority which the new title will give him.
The board approved sending DPW Kyle Heiden to Basic General Wastewater, on April 1 -5 for $370, Solids Separation on April 17 – 18 for $165 and Biological Treatment – Suspended Growth on April 24 – 25 for $165. All three classes add up to a total of $700 plus two hotel nights, cost unknown, plus mileage.
The board approved Heiden to WWOA Regional Operator’s Meeting in Oshkosh on Feb. 14 at a cost of $45 and DPW Director Gerry Schuette to WRWA Annual Technical Conference on March 26 – 29 in La Crosse for $250 plus hotel costs of $225 for a total of $475 plus mileage.
The board did not receive a satisfactory letter from the owner of the Black Creek Mobile Home Park regarding the notice of noncompliance so the board will contact Outagamie County to pursue the guidance of steps to be taken next.
In buildings and grounds: The board discussed and decided to approve the bid from Wilkinson for the Tower Drive ditch cleanup and rock dam by the water tower. The quotes were $1,775 for phase one and $4,800 for phase two. There was a total of three bids and the board decided to go with Wilkinson’s who was the lowest bidder.
The board denied the request to renew the operators license for Sara Kluz because of conditions that were unmet to continue with her license.
The board approved the Blue Design Group for the proposed needs study for the new municipal and police building.
The next meeting will be March 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Center.