Colwitz’s Convenience Store in Shiocton changed hands

Photos by Linda Titel

Jake Lamb, owner of Pump N Munch has purchased Colwitz’s Convenience Store shown below from Jack Colwitz. Lamb also has a store in Neenah, he will oversee all three stores and is excited to expand his business in Shiocton. The sale was final Tuesday, Feb. 12 – Photos by Linda Titel

By Linda Titel
Assistant Editor

Jack Colwitz of the BP Colwitz’s Convenience Store has sold his store in Shiocton.
Jake Lamb of Pump N Munch Shell store has purchased the store from Colwitz.
Colwitz said, “We worked out an arrangement I’m keeping the house and I can live there as long as I want to. I plan to work on the house and build an addition on.”
Colwitz said he isn’t really retiring, he is 65, he will help out when needed, and he has a lot of improvements he wants to do on his home.
“For two weeks, I just want to sit in my chair and do nothing,” said Colwitz with a grin.
Colwitz grew up in Colwitz’s Convenience Store because his parents owned the store originally and then Colwitz took it over.
Lamb said he and Colwitz have been friends for the last few years and he knew Colwitz was getting ready to retire, so over the course of two to three years Colwitz decided he had been in business long enough and decided to sell the store to Lamb.
“I love this village [Shiocton] and I am excited to expand my business here.
“Jack and I worked together so well during the last few years anything that would be competitive [between the two stores] we had split, for example, I carry the shiners, he [Colwitz] carries the fat heads and things like that, he registered the deer and I did the deer licencing,” said Lamb.
If someone wanted something that Pump N Munch didn’t carry, Lamb would send them over to Colwitz’s and Colwitz would do the same for Lamb.
“There was never any real competition because we worked so good together and now I will be running both stores myself,” said Lamb.
Lamb plans to keep each store similar to what it is now, but he plans to move all the sporting and fishing supplies to Colwitz’s store and sell hunting supplies at the Pump N Munch store.
Lamb hired a manager for the BP station and will keep his current manager at the Shell station. He also has a store in Neenah where he resides and he will oversee all three stores now.
Lamb said some of Colwitz’s employees will continue to work at the store for him, and some decided they wanted to pursue other adventures.
Colwitz offered to be Lamb’s consultant when needed. Lamb said, “We are friends and we worked together so well, if I need some help he will be right next door to ask.”
Lamb said he is excited to stay in the village of Shiocton, he just loves it there and he hopes the community will see this purchase as a good thing and accept him to keep the tradition going as usual.
Colwitz’s Convenience Store changed hands on Tuesday, Feb. 12.