Shiocton boys’ basketball beats undefeated Thunderbirds

Caden Schmidt has the ball as the Chiefs took on the Iola-Scandinavia Thunderbirds on Feb. 5. The Chiefs beat the undefeated Thunderbirds 61-55.
– Photo by Colton Westby

By Colton Westby
Student Reporter

An intense battle unfolded on Tuesday, Feb. 5 as the Iola-Scandinavia boys’ basketball team visited Shiocton for a conference match-up.
Undefeated Iola-Scandinavia started out with a three-basket lead over the Chiefs with a score of 8-2. The Chiefs started catching up after Cole Wilcox shot up a basket and Jack Fielding hit an early 3-pointer. After some back and forth on the leaderboard, Derek Bedor was able to make a lay-up, Fielding was able to put up another basket, and Corbin Lorge was able to put Shiocton back on top. Austin Van Den Bosch tied it up. Then a Shiocton player made a free throw and Wilcox made a lay-up and put Shiocton up by three points. Derek Bedor put up two points before a last second 3-pointer by Iola-Scandinavia. The Chiefs obtained a slight lead for halftime 25-23.
Van Den Bosch was the first player to put up a basket in the second half. However, Shiocton fell behind in their scoring, allowing the Thunderbirds to take a decent lead over the Chiefs 35-29. Though Deven Bedor was making hoops and Wilcox hit a 3-pointer, Iola-Scandinavia retained their lead and were actually gaining in their point difference. The Thunderbirds, with their 41-34 lead, started to collapse in their scoring streaks. Wilcox was able to hit up a basket, followed by Derek Bedor, Van Den Bosch and Lorge with a free shot. After some more back and forth with the scoreboard, Shiocton snatched the lead after a two-point basket by Lorge. The Chiefs were able to continue the lead through the rest of the second half with very few fouls. Lorge was the last shooter of the game, making two free shots and taking the victory home for Shiocton. The Chiefs took the “W” with a final score of 61-55, unmasking Iola-Scandinavia of their undefeated title.