BP gas station in Seymour is under new ownership

Janardan “John” Bhandari took over ownership of the BP station on North Main Street in Seymour on Feb. 28. Bhandari said he is keeping most things the same in the store but he did change the name of the store from Trackside Convenience to Seymour BP. – Photo by Sara Tischauser

By Sara Tischauser

On the last day of February the BP station located on North Main Street in Seymour changed owners.
Janardan “John” Bhandari said the BP station in Seymour is the first gas station he will own. But he said he was ready for the responsibility as he has almost six years experience in managing gas stations.
He said the only changes he has made are the name of the business which is now Seymour BP and that he will be the owner and manager of the business.
Otherwise Bhandari said he is keeping everything else the same including employees, food served, the car wash and other services offered. He said he will continue to have charge accounts for those customers that had these with the previous owner.
Bhandari said that he liked the Seymour location because it is close to his home in Appleton. Also, he likes the community.
“I was here a couple of times,” Bhandari said about Seymour prior to his buying the BP. “I know it is the Home of the Hamburger.”
The community of Seymour was very appealing to Bhandari.
“I think I wanted to own business [in Seymour] because of the community and how good it is here,” Bhandari said.
He said being a smaller community is one of the nice things about Seymour and also how friendly everyone is makes Seymour a good area to be in.
“They are good customers,” Bhandari said about the Seymour BP customers. “Whenever I greet them, they greet me back.”
Bhandari said he hopes he will get to know many people in Seymour.
“It’s a small community and we will be able to get to know each other,” Bhandari said. “I wold like to welcome everyone here and I want to be part of the Seymour family.”