Shiocton students perform for March Music Month

To celebrate March Music Month, Ty Marcks played “Funicula, Funiculi” (Denza) with his trombone. Photos by Linda Titel
Sydney Ritchie played “May the force be with you” (Williams) with her clarinet for the School board on Monday, March 4. Sally Ritchie, piano instructor, accompanied them on the piano.
The fifth grade Elementary Student Council updated the school board with their activities and events on Monday, March 4. – Photos by Linda Titel

By Linda Titel
Assistant Editor

The Shiocton School Board met at 6 p.m. on March 4 in the Library Media Center of the Shiocton Schools.
The elementary fifth grade Student Council gave a presentation to the board about their activities that they are involved in. The students give up their social time to participate in student council. They are leaders in the cafeteria, they help butter buns, serve vegetables, hand out condiments and assist the kindergartners in opening their milk containers so they may eat their lunch.
They have dress-up days like pajama day, and also had a “Make the Grinch Happy,” during the holidays that dealt with kindness towards one another.
One Student Council member said that being a member is really fun because they get to be creative and draw posters and banners. Another member said that she likes to see and make everyone happy by being the “Milk Carton Fairy” and helping the younger children open their milk cartons.
Elementary student counselor teacher Dannielle Kern is the group leader for the student council. She said the members even help her out with bulletin boards throughout the school during recess or their free time and do a great job.
Superintendent Nichole Schweitzer said that the school district appreciates all the fun and happiness the Student Council brings to the school and for sharing their activities with the school board.
Since March is Music Month at Shiocton schools, several students performed for the school board. Shelby Erickson played “Moonlight Serenade” (Endresen) with her tenor sax, Ty Marcks played “Funicula, Funiculi” (Denza) with his trombone, Sydney Ritchie played “May the force be with you” (Williams) with her clarinet and Daltyn Enders played “Canina Band” (Williams) on his trumpet.
In new business the board discussed and took action to make Sunday, May 31 the 2019-20 graduation date.
The board discussed and took action to hire Heather Leitzke as Shiocton Child Care Assistant. They approved the resignation of Tara Nabbafeld as (SCCC) lead.
In upcoming events: The Alumni basketball tourament is Saturday, March 16 at 7 a.m.
The next school board meeting is March 18 and the school board meeting for April are April 8 and 22.