Burger Fest will return for 31st year in August

Hamburger Charlie took a bite out of the giant burger at last year’s Burger Fest. – File photo

By Sara Tischauser

The 31st Annual Burger Fest sponsored by Home of the Hamburger (HOTH) will be taking place again this August.
Steve Kemp, HOTH acting president, said they put out a request to the community to become involved with HOTH as they needed to fill four board positions.
Thankfully, Kemp said people in the community came forward willing to help and they were able to fill all the open positions on the board.
The current board members are Mary Court, Mark Groeschel, Steve Kemp, Courtney Liesch, Taylor Noeller, Donnie Planert Jr., Jody Schneider, Steve Skiba and Mike Wundrow. HOTH committee members are Jim Campbell, Courtney Heagle, Dustin Koury and Amy Spreeman.
“We have four new people on board,” Kemp said. “They are coming in with great ideas to move forward.”
He said three of the people are willing to come in as committee chairs to help with Burger Fest.
Kemp said the HOTH board was short members before and really needed to find people willing to be on the board.
“To stay within corporation bylines we needed to come back to a full board as soon as possible,” Kemp said.
New members to the board bring their own experiences to the board and these skills will help carry HOTH and Burger Fest into the future.
Kemp said they do have some new ideas for Burger Fest and one of these ideas they are working and developing is a possible game or activity for those between the ages of 12-16. Kemp said Dairy Queen Grill and Chill in Seymour has already offered to supply prizes for this game/activity.
Popular crowd favorites including the Balloon Rally, Giant Ketchup Slide, Burger Eating Contest and many other events will be returning this year.
Kemp said with some of the new people helping with HOTH, hopefully they will be able to update the website, Facebook and Twitter in the near future. One of the goals is to possibly have an electronic version of forms so people don’t have to print and mail in registration forms.
People who would like to help with HOTH or Burger Fest can email charlie@homeofthehamburger.org or call (920) 833-6688. Kemp said they are still in need of volunteers and sponsors for Home of the Hamburger’s Burger Fest.
During the Burger Fest event last year Kemp said they had about 150 volunteers.
“We need people to park cars, supply water and soda to dispense, refresh supplies, setup beforehand and cleanup afterwards,” Kemp said.
Kemp said they need help not only during the event but also leading up to Burger Fest. He said they will try to work with volunteer’s schedules and find something they will enjoy doing.
“Where they are free in their schedule we will try to accommodate,” Kemp said.
He said they try to match volunteers up with what they are interested in so the volunteer can enjoy his/her time working.
“We are excited about the 31st Annual Burger Fest,” Kemp said. “It will be Aug. 9 and 10.”