City Council approves street reconstruction and sidewalk construction

By Sara Tischauser

The Seymour City Council met at 7 p.m. on March 25 in the City Hall Council Chambers.
Alderman Pat Krull gave an update from the Streets and Sanitation Committee who met Monday night at 6:30 p.m. right before the Council meeting.
Muehl Street reconstruction and 2019 sidewalk construction were discussed at the committee meeting.
Krull said the recommendation of the committee was to go with MCC Inc. who had a bid of $512,502.57 which was the lowest of the four bids that were received.
“We were actually very happy with the numbers we received,” said John Schoen, Seymour Department of Public Work director.
Schoen said the project will be for all five blocks of Muehl Street. He said there is only sewer in the first two blocks and they televised and checked the sewer and determined that sewer only needed to be redone on one of the blocks.
“It was a good one to try this approach on because normally we haven’t done it in the past where we have addressed all the infrastructure,” Schoen said.
Kraft said parts of Muehl street are pretty rough and Schoen said some of the road is 120 years old while another part was done in the 1980s so there is quite a difference in the age of the road.
“We are going to crown the road again,” Schoen said. “We want to make sure the water can shed, make sure water can get to curb and gutter.”
Also, the project will include redoing the sidewalks that are already on Muehl Street. Schoen said they will be replacing all of the existing sidewalk along Muehl Street since when they looked there was no part of the sidewalk that was in good enough condition to keep. He said they will not be adding any sidewalks to areas that don’t already have a sidewalk.
The council convened into the Utility Board meeting. The board looked at Resolution Number RE 2019-117 and approved the sewer/water portion of the 2019 Muehl Street reconstruction and sidewalk construction.
Later in the Council meeting the City Council approved Resolution Number RE 2019-117 for the city portion of the project. The bid was awarded to MCC Inc.
Alderman Roger Behnke gave an update from the Courts and Public Safety Committee meeting. Behnke said they discussed taking the mayor out as the head of the police department. He said they want to rescind section 42-1 which will put the police chief back as head of the department.
The Council waived the first reading of Ordinance Number OR 2019-102 amending chapter 42-Law Enforcement. This will be on the April 8 City Council meeting agenda for final approval.
Behnke said they also discussed ordinance section 50-52 sex offender residency restrictions. He said the ordinance was taken from Brookfield and recently Brookfield has had challenges to their ordinance that it is too restrictive. Police Chief Rick Buntrock said he would like to have the attorney review the ordinance and redo it if necessary to avoid any future problems.
Behnke also reported that the name of the Police Explorer Program has changed to Public Safety Explorer Program.
The Courts and Public Safety Committee also recommended Resolution Number RE 2019-118 for the Council to consider purchasing a new security system at the fire department building. The bid for this is $10,616.23 and does not include rekeying the building.
“The fire station and rescue really need this,” said Alderman Mike Blohm. “There’s a lot of money and stuff in pharmaceuticals and drugs that need to be protected.”
Mayor Ryan Kraft said they have been looking at a new security system for the past year and this is the lowest bid they have gotten. He also said that this system they are looking at now seems to be a better fit with what they have been looking for.
Behnke said the nice thing about this system is that it runs on a web browser.
“I really like this system, that it is all self contained and we don’t have to worry about upgrading the computers and no hard drives to fail,” Behnke said. “It’s all solid state. We don’t have to keep up to date with hardware on it.”
Kraft said this security system is a good way to protect what is at the fire and rescue station.
“For the amount of cost here versus what could happen, it’s quite nominal,” Kraft said.
The City Council approved Resolution Number RE 2019-118 the purchase of a new security system for the fire and rescue station.
The next Seymour City Council meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 8 in the City Hall Council Chambers in the Municipal Building.