Colton Westby, student, reporter and possible future meteorologist

Colton Westby is a freshman at Shiocton high school who has big dreams for his future.
Photo by Linda Titel

Colton Westby, student reporter writes for the Times Press and is part owner/founder of YourNewsInShiocton (YNIS). Josh Mumbrue who attends Fox Valley Technical College and Nathan Wickesberg, an eighth grader from Shiocton are partners with Westby for (YNIS).
I asked Westby what sparked his interest in writing and news?
Westby said, “I loved writing, for my whole life, in fourth grade I wrote a huge essay, the biggest fourth grade teacher Joel Beer had ever seen. I’m not sure what sparked it, I just had an interest in writing my whole life.”
Westby also has an interest in the weather, he said, “That was a recently found passion.
“I always watched the news even as a little kid, but I always wanted to become a police officer.
“Then we [students] were given the opportunity to job shadow last year so I decided to reach out to a local meteorologist. I wrote to Cameron Moreland of NBC 26 and Moreland told me to come on in.
“It was really fun, the work that goes on behind the scenes compared to what they actually show on TV is so much more, I actually fell in love and so I have been researching the weather everyday.”
Westby said he has a daily weather journal that he keeps updated.
Westby also keeps busy with his newsletter and the YNIS paper which he distributes at the Shiocton Public Library and the Shiocton School District.
Westby also is involved with photography for the Times Press and YNIS but admits it not his strong suit.
Westby was born in Winchester, and then moved to New London and then to Shiocton about six years ago. He enrolled in the Shiocton school district since the third grade and he is currently a freshman at Shiocton.
A typical day for the young man consists of going to school, when he arrives home he instantly checks all his notifications on his phone to see what has happened since he was away. Westby doesn’t take his phone to school because he is afraid of losing it.
If anything is interesting he starts to write about it immediately if not he would do his homework first and then write later.
He said he typically spends one to two hours a day, writing articles, researching or contacting people.
Westby is currently setting up Chief’s TV which will be a school news show for the Shiocton Schools.
Westby plans to attend Central Michigan University because they have a great meteorologist program. If that doesn’t work out he plans to try the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he know it’s hard to get accepted there, but that would be his back-up college choice.
After graduation from college Westby would like to become a meteorologist for NBC 26. He said, “That would be my dream job.”