Library patrons thankful for Black Creek Public Library

Last week during National Library Week patrons at Black Creek Village Library were asked what they liked about the library. Here are the responses the library staff received.
Emma Court, Black Creek, “My favorite thing about the library is the summer reading program and prizes!”
Kelly Lerum, Black Creek, loves so many options, she can try new genres and areas of interest, all for free.
Melanie Guyette and Tamara Below, Black Creek, love the resources available for homeschool families and the programs the library offers.
Jack Pelkin, Black Creek, once told his mom he wants to come to the library every day and he loves that there are so many choices and lots of fun activities.
Marshall Nettekoven said he cannot choose what his favorite is, so he said “everything!”
Greame Debruin, Black Creek, likes the activities and prizes.
Tim Debruin likes Ms. Krista’s storytimes!