Lion’s Club presents 55th Annual Athletic Awards Banquet

Seymour Community School District seniors Kennedy Peters and Trent Blake were the winners of this years Lion’s Club Scholarship presented by the Black Creek and Seymour Lion’s Club at the athletic banquet on May 8.
Photo by Sara Tischauser
Finalists for the Lion’s Club Scholarship are (pictured left to right): Kendra VandenHeuvel, Emily Klawiter, Paige Weyer, Kennedy Peters, Makenna Taubel, Jeremiah Baranczyk, Jaron Valley, Peyton Dorn, Trent Blake, Eli Oskey and Henry VanEss.. – Photo by Sara Tischauser

By Sara Tischauser

Students, coaches, school staff, parents, friends and community members came together to once again celebrate the athletic talent in the Seymour Community School District.
On May 8 the 55th Annual Athletic Awards Banquet was held at the Seymour High School Commons and Auditorium. The event was once again presented by the Black Creek and Seymour Lion’s Club.
Ryan Spaulding, Seymour athletic director, said they are very fortunate to have this long-standing partnership with the Lion’s Club.
“I would like to thank the Seymour, Black Creek Lion’s Club for sponsoring this long standing celebration,” Spaulding said. “I think you would be hard pressed to find a relationship between a community organization like the Lion’s and athletic banquet that has been in existence since 1964.”
Spaulding said the local Lion’s club started in 1963 and within a year was working with the schools and athletic program and presenting the athletic banquet.
The big scholarship award of the night was the Lion’s Club Scholarship that went to two seniors who have worked hard on and off the athletic field. There were 11 finalists for the scholarship out of 24 nominees. The two chosen for the scholarship were Kennedy Peters and Trent Blake who will each receive a $1,500 scholarship to continue their education.
“Kennedy will be a six-time letter winner in golf and soccer,” Spaulding said. “The teams she has been a part of have earned a conference championship and two regional championships. She has received both all conference and team MVP [most valuable player] recognition in golf.”
Beside sports Peters is also active in other activities.
“In addition, Kennedy is a leader academically within school clubs,” Spaulding said. “She is/has been in Student Senate three years, holding the positions of president and secretary, SALSA [Student Association for Learning Spanish Appreciation] four years, serving as vice-president, along with FBLA [Future Business Leaders of America], Science Club, S-Club and the list goes on.”
Blake has had many accomplishment during his career at Seymour High School.
“Trent Blake will earn 10 varsity letters in football, basketball, and baseball,” Spaulding said. “He was part of regional championship baseball team. Individually, he has been recognized as a first-team all-conference player in basketball and baseball, and has been his team’s MVP in both sports as well.”
Spaulding said that Blake’s coaches had many good things to say about Blake.
“One of his coaches said, “Not many kids can have over 100 yards receiving with a couple of touchdowns, while dunking a basketball and scoring 46 points on the basketball court, and then striking out double digit players and shutting out a team,’” Spaulding said. “A coach also said, ‘Trent is truly a team player, who leads with enthusiasm and confidence.’”
Both recipients felt what they have learned in sports will help them in their futures.
“Going to games as a kid and watching high school players play was always the highlight of my week,” Blake said in his application. “Watching them play I knew I wanted to grow up and be like them. The things I’ve learned over the years from playing sports, be it from upperclassmen or learning the hard way, those traits and qualities I can take with me to college and to the workforce. I can use those to create a better environment around me and the people I love.”
Peters agreed that her athletic career has taught her valuable lessons.
“I cannot begin to express the amount that athletics have taught me,” Peters said in her application. “The abilities to work hard, persevere, and be accountable are only a small piece of what athletics have given me. Going to practice or training everyday has instilled a healthy lifestyle that I will continue to use in my future. The attributes that athletics have taught me not only molded me into who I am today, but set me up for success in my future. What is instilled in athletes, especially throughout high school are experiences and lessons that cannot be taught anywhere else. I will forever be grateful for all that athletics have afforded me.”
Nominees for the Lion’s Club Scholarship were: Jeremiah Baranczyk, Trent Blake, Hunter Clark, Peyton Dorn, Emily Klawiter, Mason Krabbe, Kendal Lecker, Patricia Nieland, Eli Oskey, Chaselyn Parker, Kennedy Peters, Cody Roskom, Emily Schoen, Erin Schuh, Morgan Seitz, Laura Spaude, Makenna Taubel, Jaron Valley, Tyler VanDeHei, Kendra VandenHeuvel, Henry VanEss, Riley Volkman, Paige Weyer and Dyllan Zakrzewski.
Other athletic scholarships awarded were: Lloyd (Gabby) and Esther Kraft Memorial Baseball Scholarship-Kendal Lecker; Mark Sherman Scholarship-Trent Blake; Paige Linsmeyer Memorial Softball Scholarship-Paige Weyer; Seymour Area Wrestling (S.A.W.) Scholarships-Jeremiah Baranczyk; Seymour Fast Pitch Association Scholarships-Emily Klawiter, Patricia Nieland, Olivia Wery and Paige Weyer; Seymour Girls Basketball Association Scholarships (S.W.I.S.H.)-Morgan Seitz and Paige Weyer; Seymour Junior Golf in Memory of Jeff Gosda Scholarship-Kennedy Peters and Henry VanEss; Seymour Swim Club Scholarship-Emily Klawiter; Thunder Area Dance Club Awards-Madalynn Schneider and Mckenna Taubel; Thunder Area Soccer Kids (T.A.S.K.) Scholarships-Garrett Karweick and Jaron Valley; Thunder Gridiron Club Scholarship-Jeremiah Baranczyk, Mason Krabbe, Eli Oskey and Cody Roskom; Thunder Runners Scholarships-Laura Spaude (Cross Country), Riley Volkman (Cross Country); Mercede Heinke (Track and Field) and Dyllan Zakrzewski (Track and Field); and Tim “Schrades” Schroeder Memorial Baseball Scholarship-Trent Blake.
Bay Conference Scholar Athletes were also announced. To be eligible recipients must have a 3.5 grade point average after six semesters, have received at least two varsity letters, and be in good academic standing.
This year’s Bay Conference Scholar Athletes were: James Baumgart, Peyton Dorn, Portia Fenske, Mercede Heinke, Emily Klawiter, Mason Krabbe, Breanna Ludke, Brady Madison, Gracee Minlschmidt, Eli Oskey, Kennedy Peters, Cody Roskom, Madalynn Schneider, Erin Schuh, Benjamin Spaude, Laura Spaude, Makenna Taubel, Jaron Valley, Justin Vande Hei, Henry VanEss, Brooke Veldt and Paige Weyer.
The WIAA Scholar Athletes were Trent Blake and Paige Weyer. The senior tri-athletes for the calendar year were Trent Blake, Morgan Seitz and Paige Weyer.