New opportunities at Seymour Aquatic and Fitness Centers

Trudy Koon, new Seymour Aquatic Center lifeguard, teaches a FUNtastic Water Fitness class for anyone interested. She also encourages everyone who is eligible to take advantage of the Aquatic Center now being part of the SilverSneakers program. – Photo by Sara Tischauser

By Sara Tischauser

Those 65 years and older may now be able to take advantage of a new program the Seymour Aquatic and Fitness Centers are part of.
Sara Rathsack, Seymour recreational facilities coordinator, said the Seymour Aquatic and Fitness Centers are now a SilverSneakers facility.
SilverSneakers is a program offered through many different health insurance companies. It allows participants in the program access to fitness equipment, group exercise classes, social networking and online education and usually is provided at no additional charge.
Rathsack said as they get more SilverSneaker members using the Seymour facilities she is hoping they can increase the amount of opportunities for this group.
“We are hoping to get walking class and things that are more social,” Rathsack said.
Rathsack said they currently offer a FUNtastic Water Fitness class taught by their new lifeguard Trudy Koon. This class is for anyone who wants to attend including SilverSneaker members.
SilverSneakers is a program Rathsack said she has previous experience with.
“I did [SilverSneakers] at previous employers, it’s great program and easy to do,” Rathsack said. “It’s nice to bring that age group together.”
Koon said anyone and everyone can use the pool and find advantages in using the pool. She said that she started using the Seymour Aquatic Center to lose weight before her hip surgery and said she benefited from all that was offered to her. So Koon became a lifeguard in December 2018.
“I’m here cause I want to keep facility open,” Koon said about becoming a lifeguard. “I get to teach in the pool. It is a fun job.”
Rathsack said they are always in need of lifeguards who can work the day shifts. She also said people can be deep water or shallow water lifeguards so there are options.
Rathsack said one of the nice features about the Seymour Aquatic Center is that it has the therapy pool which is heated. Koon said not all facilities have this so it is a nice bonus feature to using the Seymour facility.
The hope, Rathsack said, is to continue to build programming around what the people using the facilities want.
Anyone who would like to see if their insurance participates in SilverSneakers can contact SilverSneakers at (888) 423-4632, call the Aquatic Center at (920) 833-9704 or stop at the Aquatic Center during open hours. To check eligibility the person must have their health insurance information available.
If people come to the Aquatic Center, Rathsack said they just need to press the buzzer by the door to be let in.
“Just come see us,” Rathsack said. “We are friendly and nice and we want people to be coming every day.”