Seymour homicide case still under investigation

By Sara Tischauser

The Department of Justice (DOJ), Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) continues to investigate the Seymour incident from April 18 that occurred on North Main Street.
The DOJ posted an update on May 3 that stated: “While the investigation is still ongoing, currently the investigation has found that the two children died by homicide, and the deceased adult male died of a self-inflicted wound. Law enforcement also currently believes the mother of the children is not a suspect in this investigation.”
The press release went on to say that “Per the request of the Seymour Police Department, the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is leading this investigation. The investigation is ongoing and no further information is available currently.”
Seymour Police Officer Brett Stauber said the standing procedure at the Seymour Police Department is to have the DCI handle any major crimes that happen in Seymour.
“Our department does have an investigator and evidence technician to handle most incidents, however when there is a complex crime scene such as the one we faced on North Main Street the DCI can bring in multiple extra investigators and forensic evidence technicians plus a specialized crime scene response vehicle to help process the scene,” Stauber said.
According to Rebecca Ballweg, spokesperson for the Department of Justice agency, the DOJ, DCI often gets called in for cases like the one in Seymour.
“Law enforcement requesting DOJ assistance or to lead investigation is very common,” Ballweg said.
She said that sometimes because of local police department sizes or resources they have available, the DOJ is better equipped and prepared to cover a case. Ballweg said the DOJ gets called in to help or handle cases all over the state of Wisconsin and it is quite common for them to lead an investigation.