Construction will soon begin on new pharmacy in Seymour

By Sara Tischauser

Construction will soon begin inside Don’s Quality Market in Seymour for the new Bellin Pharmacy.
“We are shooting to start construction at Don’s Market starting July 1,” said Jon Strom, Bellin team leader over retail pharmacy.
Strom said they already have the state pharmacy license approved to open a pharmacy at Don’s. He said they are finishing getting approval for their other licenses and paperwork. He said depending how the construction goes, he is hoping the pharmacy will open in early August.
The pharmacy will serve the entire community. Strom said this pharmacy is not just for Bellin patients but for anyone who needs a prescription filled.
“We really treat our patients like an independent provider,” Strom said. “We are not a big chain.”
When Bellin was looking at locations to start a pharmacy, Strom said they considered many locations including at the Bellin Clinic in Seymour. However, he said they really wanted this pharmacy to be a community pharmacy and in the best location for all who need to fill prescriptions.
“Don’s seemed like good high traffic area,” Strom said as a reason they chose that location to build their pharmacy in.
Strom said right now they are trying to figure out the best way to serve the community and make sure patients are able to get their prescriptions filled.
“It will not have a drive-thru pharmacy at this time,” Strom said. “I would have liked one but it [drive-thru] would have cost a lot at this time.”
However, Strom said they are working on ideas how to serve patients who are not able to physically come into the pharmacy. He said a possibility might be to have prescriptions delivered to people’s cars in the parking lot, but this is something he said they are still working on.
Strom said Bellin received feedback from Seymour Mayor Ryan Kraft that the Seymour community really wanted another pharmacy in town after the Shopko Hometown Pharmacy left the area.
“As soon as the Shopko [pharmacy] went out we had a lot of patients asking and providers looking for it [a pharmacy in Seymour],” Strom said.
In order to make the pharmacy successful Strom said they are depending on the community.
“We really are looking for the support of the whole community to make it work,” Strom said. “We really do need the community’s support to make it successful.”
Not having a pharmacy in the community, Strom said can make it difficult for patients to be adherent to their prescribed medications. He said hopefully the Bellin pharmacy inside Don’s will help patients be more adherent with their medications. Also, he said with this pharmacy patients won’t have to go out of town to get medications like antibiotics.
“We really look forward to building this pharmacy,” Strom said. “The community really needs it.”