Pot belly pig stuck in culvert

A pot belly pig is stuck in the culvert on the right. Dawna June said she was just bringing the pig, Phoenix, home on Sunday, July 21 when it got out of the cage and ran through a culvert under State Highway 54 and proceeded into another culvert where it remains as of July 25. – Photo by Sara Tischauser

By Sara Tischauser

Update: Reports are the pig has been rescued.

Seymour area residents may have seen the firetruck on 54 just past the high school on Wednesday, July 24.
Firemen were trying to help a pot belly pig owner get her pig out of a culvert.
Dawna June, Seymour, said she had brought home her new 12 week old pot belly pig Phoenix on Sunday, July 21. Unfortunately the pig which is about 20 pounds got out of the bottom of the cage and escaped.
Phoenix then went through the culvert and ran under State Highway 54 and then ran into another culvert that is 600-800 feet long.
June said that the fire department was out Wednesday and first flushed 2,500 gallons of water through the culvert to try and get the pig to come out. She said when that didn’t work the fire department got more water and then flushed 6,000 gallons of water through the culvert at once. But she said none of this has worked and the pot belly pig remains in the culvert.
June said that Phoenix is not people friendly yet, so she may be scared to come out. However, June said they can hear Phoenix in the culvert.