Black Creek plans to purchase a new ambulance and update on new village hall and police department

By Linda Titel
Assistant Editor

The Black Creek Village board met on Aug. 12 at 6:30 p.m.
The board discussed the operational costs for a new ambulance and rescue service but will have to revisit after more information from the EMS committee meeting.
Trustee Bruce Johnson brought up the fact that the money for the new ambulance will have to go in next years budget and will be broken up among the Village of Black Creek, Town of Black Creek, Cicero and Nichols, according to the population in each town or village.
The board discussed and approved to send Kyle Heiden to Wisconsin Wastewater Operators’ Association (WWOA) Regionals Operators’ meeting on Aug 15, for a cost of $30.
Department of Public Works Director Gerry Schuette gave the board an update on the water damage to the Village Hall on July 1.
During the July 8 regular meeting Chief Lowell James said that the air conditioning pump failed and water was running down the wall in the courtroom on Monday, July 1. James said a significant amount of water was found elsewhere in the police department and courtroom. Schuette had looked at the issue in the past, but felt it was worse this time. There appeared to be mold in the ceiling area around the air conditioning units, and it was thought a professional company may be needed to clean up the mold. Schuette said a professional company inspected the facility for air quality and mold and found the air quality good and no mold was found except where it leaked through some ceiling tiles, which will be replaced. A dehumidifier was bought and has helped tremendously with the humidty in the air.
The Black Creek Village board held a special meeting on July 16 concerning the new village hall and police department. The board had a brainstorming sessions on the possible locations. The results are listed below.
Downtown location:
Pros: Centralized, would help to revitalize downtown, potentially anchor development, possible grant funding, walking, existing utilities, additional parking.
Cons: Additional property purchasing cost, significant demolition required, other buildings downtown are rundown, possible additional Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance cost (elevator), utility easement issue, additional cost for secondary driveway/shared driveway, traffic downtown.
Railroad location:
Pros: Off of busy Main Street, multiple exits.
Cons: DNR concerns, demolition required, space constraints, not visible, structural street concerns.
Edge of Town location:
Pros: No demolition required, lowest cost, visible, less congestion on the edge of town.
Cons: Street/sidewalk expense, not centralized, less parking, less expansion.
Fire Station location:
Pros: Already owned by village, sewer and water already available.
Cons: DNR Concerns (fill/swamp), limited expansion, not central.
The board also had a needs discussion and listed the following:
•No need for additional daycare space since the currently established daycare does not have adequate numbers.
•Senior/teen programming are already at the library, and including that would add additional administrative cost.
•Possible business opportunities may arise with additional offices; however, there is concern about under utilized space.
Next discussion was property proposals:
•Lot adjacent to downtown location: .53 acres at $35,000. It was stated that current owner would provide a $10,000 in kind donation if purchased leaving the final cost at $25,000.
•Downtown location: $100,000 for property plus closing cost OR $105,600 without closing expenses. Property is two parcels, but owner was unsure of acreage. Owner was flexible with payment: one full or two separate.
•Edge of town location: 3 parcels available at $50,000 each.
The next steps for the village board are:
•Determine utility cost for each site.
•Determine demolition costs.
•Consider total acquisition cost for each site with additional expenses.
•Verify (ADA) compliance requirements.
•Get both fair market and appraised values for each location.
After these steps are completed the village board will revisit the plans for the proposed new village hall and police department.