Community comes together to support Diemel family

Erin Wussow, co-owner of No Limits Nutrition, Seymour, said portions of every sale from Thursday, Aug. 1 went to the Diemel family. – Submitted photo

By Sara Tischauser

As the family of Justin Diemel and Nick Diemel continue to grieve over the disappearance of the two brothers, the community has come together to offer what support they can to the family.
During the Outagamie County Fair Mason Gorecki, Shooting Stars 4-H Club member, donated the proceeds from the sale of his pig to the Diemel family.
Joe Pues, who is originally from the Navarino area and now lives in Freedom, said he and his partner at EGI Mechanical Inc. in Seymour have bought animals from the fair before and this was an opportunity to do something for the community.
“My business partner, Joe Lauer, and I have been purchasing animals from this auction since we took over management of EGI Mechanical Contractors back in 2007,” Pues said. “We both come from small communities and this is something we always enjoy participating in as a way of giving back.”
While Pues said he has never seen the bid go so high (he won with a bid of $42 a pound) he knew this was his way to help.
“I have been following the Diemel story since it came out,” Pues said. “My heart has been bleeding for the family while trying to comprehend what they are going through. With me having my roots in the Navarino area, I had been thinking of how I could help in any small way. I just decided at some point during the bidding that I was going ‘all in’ and became determined to be the successful bidder. While I did not know Nick or Justin Diemel personally, I still have a strong connection to the Navarino/Nichols area. This just felt like the right thing to do.”
Pues said while he did have the winning bid he knows any of the other bidders would have been happy to win as well.
“I want to say thank you to all the bidders that participated in this sale,” Pues said. “I am sure any of them would have been proud to have been the successful bidder as well. They all deserve credit for being willing to step up to the plate for this family. I would also like to specifically thank the gentleman from Budzies Bread for writing me a check for $500 toward this purchase.”
Pues said he knew the auction would get some media attention but was surprised by how much attention this has brought on him. He said Gorecki deserves the attention for his act of kindness.
“I was very impressed with this young man’s (Mason) decision to donate his pig to raise money for this family,” Pues said. “It’s a very noble and generous thing for him to do at his age. It speaks highly of his upbringing and I’m sure his parents are quite proud of him.”
During this difficult time Pues said there are many who have stepped forward to help the Diemel family.
“While I am proud of being the successful bidder, I am a little overwhelmed by the attention it has generated toward me,” Pues said. “Mason Gorecki deserves all the attention for his kind gesture. The local community of Navarino deserves credit for all they have done and continue to do in support of the Diemel family during this heart wrenching time.”
Many local businesses have found their own ways to help the family. Jennie and Steve Smith owners of Mama J’s Work-Shoppe (309 North Main St., Black Creek) will be having a fundraiser for the Diemel family.
“We will be doing a fundraiser where we invite the community to stop in and paint a sign,” Jennie Smith said. “They get to help by making a donation to the family and also going home with something they can be proud of.”
The fundraiser will be from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Aug. 10 at Mama J’s Work-Shoppe, Black Creek. She said anyone interested can look at their Facebook event page call (920) 519-0100 to sign up or just stop in Aug. 10 to participate.
Jennie Smith said that when something happens to someone in the community it impacts everyone and she said they just needed to help in some way.
“We are doing this fundraiser because we feel like we need to help in some way,” Jennie Smith said. “We both have grown up in this area and know of the family. We live in such a small community that if it affects one, it affects all of us. This is just one small way that we can help. We hope that we can get people in the door to support this family in such a tragic time.”
Porter’s Patch, State Highway 56, Bonduel; held a benefit for the Diemel family on Aug. 1 and raised money for the family.
According to Porter’s Patch’s website ( “On Thursday, Aug. 1 we held a Diemel Brother’s Benefit. We sold out of everything for a total of $2600.74 in sales and DTR Concrete matched our sales with another donation of $2600.74 for a total of $5201.48 plus additional donations of $1966.51 that came in. Total raised was $7167.99 Thanks to everyone for the gathering of love. You can still donate by sending a check payable to Diemel Brother’s Benefit to Community First Credit Union P.O. Box 1487 Appleton WI 54912-1487.”
On Wednesday, July 31 Clinton County Sheriff Larry Fish gave a press conference and said that human remains had been found on the farm in Braymer, Missouri, where Nick and Justin Diemel had gone for business. As of this time the remains had not been identified.
Garland Joseph Nelson was arrested for tampering with the Diemel brothers’ rental vehicle. He is scheduled for a bond appearance hearing on Aug. 8 at 10 a.m. Nelson was scheduled for a bond appearance hearing on Aug. 1 but per Nelson’s request the hearing was changed to Aug. 8.