Lessons from the Seymour U12 Girls Soccer team

The Seymour U12 girls soccer team is seen after their final game of the season. First row (left to right): Autumn Boucher, Alexis Webster, Bree Schuettpelz, Ava Peters, Ashlin Ullmer, Ella Geiger, Owila Smith, Gabby Schaumberg, Ellery Romanowski, Haylee Shimko and Cecelia Schmidt. Back row: Aubrey Stevens, Dallas Waterstradt, Addison Gady and Amy Schuettpelz. – Submitted photos

I coached the Seymour U12 Girls Recreation Soccer team this summer, sponsored by Scott Marks Trucking. These confident young ladies swept the East Central District earning an undefeated title. In 10 games they scored 68 goals and only had 13 goals scored against them. Winning against teams in Appleton, Menasha, Neenah and Seymour.
What they did was more than just win a few soccer games. These young athletes played for you and I and built a stronger community without even knowing it. Just this team alone clocked more than 106 hours (in two months) of community service and raised money for future soccer generations to come. A shout out to the TASK volunteers that run this soccer league (Sarah Wolslegel serving as TASK president, GREAT JOB!). Every parent must volunteer multiple hours of community service, which goes right back into your community. Making your lives easier to enjoy. The overall number of volunteer hours is growing year after year through TASK. I encourage you to get involved with this successful organization and slap your name onto something great. YOLO (You only live once) a slogan from Ashlin Ullmer and Aubrey Stevens on the U12 Girls Soccer team.
These athletes were game changers, well respected, and feared by their opponents. This will be the Seymour varsity team that brings a state title to Seymour. If these athletes are reading (which they will) you can work harder today, tomorrow and for the ones around you. You must have the expectation to serve others before you can expect to be served by others, hard work comes before your payoff, and give before you receive. That’s how you can continue to win. As with any team you’re only as strong as the one you stand next too. Not above them or below them, but with them. That’s what it means to be a community and a team.
We, the coaches (Dallas Waterstradt and Amy Schuettpelz) pushed to enhance life lessons through the game of soccer; building teamwork, enforcing work ethic, establishing dignity, and driving core values that every person should have. Which seems lost these days with most kids and honestly most adults. Not only that but athletes tend to score better on exams, are more likely to go to college, are more socially accepted, have less depression, and look for solutions to win instead of finding excuses.
The first time I walked onto the field, as a first-year coach, I was doubtful. No one expected this outcome or set the bar this high. I did not always have the answers; however, I did have an awesome assistant coach (Amy) to lean on. I started with the biggest influencers (the parents) and asked myself how can I get them involved? I reinforced their kids’ potential, communicating the benefit, and reminded the parents to be better leaders and examples for their community. My motto was “under promise and over deliver,” striving to make it easy for the parents, and establishing some clear expectations. I worked on building trust, ensured safety, and established a fun environment. A community I would want to walk into and expect that my kids should be walking into. Much respect for the parents that built core values in these kids before I had the opportunity to coach. They truly are great kids and have great leaders to follow. Keep up the good work and continue to lead by example!
In summary these girls dominated their age class, TASK soccer was a great community service organization to be a part of. Even though I lost a couple soccer balls, goalie gloves, and a bag full of practice jersey’s (just about everything I started with LOL). We beat other teams by 11-0, 13-1, etc… they played to win and they’re going to continue to win. Hats off to these young athletes and make sure you congratulate them on an undefeated season of hard work. You earned my respect!
Written by Coach Dallas Waterstradt

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  1. JoLee
    8 August 2019 at 9:45 PM

    Great job, girls! Thanks for such a nice article, Dallas.

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