Area Fire Departments light those lights to offer show of support

Village of Black Creek Fire Department participated in the activation of their lights of their fire trucks to show as a sign of strength and hope. – Submitted photo

The doors are down, all is quiet, but we do stand ready.
This statement was sent out via email to the Fire Chiefs Association of Outagamie County for whoever wanted to participate in this show of support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Seymour Fire Department shows of their lights as they support the efforts of EMS, fire and law agencies and other entities assisting with the fight against the coronavirus. – Submitted photo

So on Wednesday, March 25, at 7 p.m., area fire departments, along with other fire departments in the state, opened their doors and activated the emergency lights of their trucks as a sign of strength and hope for all.
“Hope for all who work daily in EMS, Fire, and Law enforcement to be ready, strength for those working around the clock to provide care, those who strive to find the right medicine to help, those in the food/grocery industry to feed us and those trucking daily to keep us going,” read the email.

The Shiocton-Bovina Fire Department lights it up in show of support for all agencies involved helping deal with COVID-19. – Submitted photo

It further read, “You can do your part at home, too! Turn your porch light on… Let us all know you’re fine and have hope. We ask all with red, blue, white or your department colors…Light ‘em up and turn them on. Maybe just maybe, we’ll create five minutes of smiles and peace.”

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