Digital Learning implemented at Shiocton

The Shiocton School board met on March 16 at 6 p.m. in the Library Media Center.
Mr. Chad Schmidt, High School Physical Education teacher, showcased the new on-line instructional program, PLT4M (Platform), being used this year.
Our Physical Education courses accountability with variety of fitness options to meet the various needs from cardio training and resistance to deadlifts and maxing out plus a unit that demonstrates the importance of stretching.
“Mastering Mobility” affords Mr. Schmidt an effective way to provide differentiated instruction while utilizing both halves of the new multi-purpose facility center, teaching students very good habits, as well as providing videos that articulate the specific mechanics of various weight lifting.
PLT4M just released a remote fitness unit designed for physical fitness at home (no weights, medicine ball, stretch bands) just in time for use during digital learning days and school closures due to COVID-19 virus.
Kids can do this at a hotel while on vacation; can make up the unit and/or move at their own pace because instruction is pre-recorded.
A whole year of fitness for everyone; units/lessons can be used to continue personal fitness throughout the year even outside of PE class
Mr. Prodell is also using PLT4M with his physical education students.
Finance Committee met prior to board meeting to review preliminary end-of-year projections. The Finance Committee will meet again on March 30 at 5:15 p.m. during which we will again look at end of year projections, as well as salary increase options for the 2020-2021 school year.
Mr. Ortlieb updated the board regarding the course showcase held the night of parent/teacher conferences. Given that it was a pilot, they will likely offer the showcase next fall, when more parents are likely to attend and prior to when students register for classes.
Mr. Ortlieb also discussed implementation of digital learning days beginning March 18. Teachers are ready, using tools such as Edmodo, Google Classroom, and Class Dojo, in conjunction with Google apps. Teachers will be available before and after the lunch time to assist students and parents through the lessons. Updates regarding the Portrait of a Graduate and the Forward Exam were also shared.
Superintendent Nichole Schweitzer shared information with the board regarding the district’s response to the COVID-19 school closure mandate. In addition to implementing digital learning days, the district has created a plan for deep cleaning each of the three weeks. Plans are also developing regarding the provision of meals to children ages 1 – 18. The District is planning to provide “grab & go” bags for breakfast and lunch. Students are able to pick up meals at the school; the district is looking into meal delivery options.
High School math teachers, Dan Chandler and Austin Herman presented their request to pilot College Preparatory Math (CPM) for next year for the following courses: Alg I then Geometry (phase in over two years.)
CPM involves the development and employment of students’ critical thinking; CPM is student centered; progression through the lesson is based upon students’ and groups’ current level and ability to think critically through the math content differentiation and individual learning. This includes enhancement and challenge. Each student has certain team roles used in the learning and performing process.
Herman is currently taking part in the four days of professional development offered this school year and will look to participate in the four days scheduled for this summer; Chandler has several years of experience teaching CPM in his previous districts.
The Board will take formal action at the March 30 meeting regarding the request to pilot CPM next school year.
Submitted by
Nichole Schweitzer, Administrator