Seymour Parents Charged with Chronic Neglect of Children

By Rick Cohler
Times Press News Correspondent

Two Seymour parents are charged with neglecting two children and damaging their emotional health.

Gregory P. Hietpas, 33, and Elizabeth A. Hietpas, 33, are each charged with Chronic Neglect of a Child (Consequence is Emotional Damage) and Chronic Neglect of a Child (Specified Harm Did Not Occur.) The couple will face separate preliminary hearings next month. Elizabeth Hietpas will appear on Thursday, April 2 while Gregory Hietpas will appear on Thursday, April 23.

A criminal complaint states police were called on Dec. 4 to investigate a report of child maltreatment and abuse involving children ages 12 and 16. The children live with their father and step-mother and their step-siblings in their Seymour home.

The children told investigators that they were locked in their bedrooms and their door has a keypad and alarm. Sometimes they were forced to stay in their room all day. At times, they were told to stand in a corner as punishment.

The kids described meals in which they were given just five minutes to eat, often just a peanut butter sandwich. Some days they were not allowed to eat at all, according to the complaint.

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