Shiocton Village Board meets to discuss COVID-19 Plan

The Board discussed the Village Hall hours, employee hours and job duties during the COVID-19 crisis at their regular scheduled meeting on Monday, March 16.
Village Clerk Laurie Sweeny suggested limiting the open hours at the Village Hall to 7 – 11 a.m. Mondays and Thursdays and 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. on Tuesdays until further notice. This will allow enough time for absentee voting and other village business. The clerk and deputy clerk will still be in the office their normal business hours. This will give them a chance to catch up on office work. If things should become too slow, they would use a sick day here and there but always leave one clerk in the office. The board agreed to the suggestions.
Village President Terri James stated she would like to contact the Business League and suggest creating a Facebook page for the businesses to allow them to post their carry out hours and important messages.
The Public Works Department prepared a statement saying that the DPW will run as usual with only a couple changes. One, would be closing the gate at the plant for disposal of items in the dumpster. Only employees and deliveries will be allowed at the plant.
Curb side pick up of electronics and bulk items will be suspended.
They will do estimated readings for the businesses that they need to read onsite.
Cross connections will be put on hold until further notice.
President James asked Municipal Judge Glen Bunnell if he was making any changes and he stated at this time they were following what the circuit court is doing and that is nothing at this time.
Police Chief Amber George stated she had just received an email from the county stating that all minor cases such as citations are postponed until June and only major court cases will be heard. Chief George offered to email the info to the Municipal Judge.
Tammy Free reported that the Library Board met and has decided to follow other libraries and close the doors until further notice. The Library Board decided to continue to pay their employees their normal hours until it is deemed safe to return to work.
Chief George presented the Board with a new policy she received from Grand Chute and a couple smaller agencies. The policy states that there will be minimal traffic stops and police will not go to any A or B medical calls unless needed. The Chief and Sergeant Knapp will no longer be working together to assure that if one falls ill the other will be able to run the department. All part-time officers will not be scheduled, Chief George and Sergeant Knapp will be working all the shifts. They will alternate days and work some ten hour shifts.
The Board discussed monthly Board meetings and committee meetings. All committee meetings will be suspended until further notice. The April board meeting will take place but after that if there is a need, they will offer meetings via phone conference calls. Trustee Winterfeldt will take care of setting it up. The Municipal Judge offered his services if needed.
The Board will be closely monitoring the situation and meet in the future to update any changes.
Submitted by
Laurie Sweeny, Village Clerk

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