Town of Bovina needs Election Inspectors

Charles Pluger, Bovina Town Clerk, is calling on residents of the Town of Bovina willing to serve election inspectors for the April 7 election to replace election inspectors who are unable to serve due to age or health concerns from the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.
The Town of Bovina has eight election inspectors who serve at the polling place. A number of them are in their 60’s or older and many have other health conditions.
“We need the people of the Town of Bovina to step up and help out” said Clerk Charles Pluger. “If you are a state, county or municipal employee, a teacher, a student or someone who is looking for temporary work, we need your help.”
In Wisconsin, election inspectors are appointed at the municipal level. Anyone who is interested should contact the clerk’s office immediate at 920-986-3289 or email to
Wisconsin law also allows people to serve as election inspectors in other municipalities within their county. If you are willing to serve in a municipality outside of your own, let your clerk know and they can alert the county about your availability. You can also contact the county directly at
Municipal clerks will provide training for any new election inspectors before the election.
The Wisconsin Elections Commission and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services are working to provide local election officials with guidance for ways to conduct the election safely and securely.
To be an election inspector a person must be a qualified elector of the county in which the municipality is located (i.e. an adult citizen of the US who has resided in the election district for 10 consecutive days and is not otherwise disqualified to vote). They must be able to read and write fluently in the English language. They must not be a candidate for any office to be voted on at the polling place at that election.
If you are interested in becoming an election inspector you should apply directly to your local clerk.

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