Shiocton village board updates on COVID-19

The Shiocton Village board met on Friday, April 24 at 6 p.m. via phone conference by Village President Terri James.

Village Clerk Laurie Sweeney gave an update on the election. There were a total of 215 votes, 84 people voted in person on election day and the remainder were in-person absentee or absentee by mail.

The Board of Canvass met at 4 p.m. on April 13, to tally the votes. The results:
Village Trustee
Jennifer Schmoock 148
Thomas Dawes Sr 139
Dave Gomm 158
Municipal Judge
Glen H. Bunnell 57
Angela Schreiter 150

There were three absentee ballots that were not returned.

Clerk Sweeney emailed a budget amendment to the trustees prior to the meeting for their review. The disaster account was over budget due to materials for sand bagging supplies because of flooding so $1,000 was transferred from the garbage account to the disaster account.

The legal fees for the village attorney and court attorney were in one legal account separate from all other budgets. The change made was to separate the village legal fees from the court legal fees.

DPW Dan Conradt reported that they are looking at used trucks with a plow on it to replace the van. He said they would use $12,000 from the set -aside account as a down payment and use the annual set-aside share for the payments.

They would also like to use some of the set-aside balance to purchase a used UTV that could be used year -round and ease up on tractor use.

The board approved the purchase of a used truck/plow and /or a used UTV as long as the payments are the same or less than the annual set-aside share.

Chief George gave an update on COVID-19.

Village Hall hours are limited, and the Public Works Department will be closing the gates to the dumpster.

The Library is closed, except for curbside pick-ups.

The police department is limiting the time officers spend together.

All committee meetings are suspended until further notice.

President James created a Facebook page for businesses to post their hours for take-out.

Court is postponed until May.

The board discussed and approved using sick pay to limit employees working at the same time. Full -time employees can use eight hours a week.

The public works made sneeze guards for the past election.

The Board decided to close the parking lot at Bamboo Bend and put up no parking signs in that area to try to eliminate sturgeon viewing.

All playgrounds are closed.

Village President James reported that she received a letter with an update on the State Highway 76 road project. There will be spot culvert pipes and storm sewer work. The project is tentative for 2023. Traffic will be detoured with local access at all times.

President James presented a letter addressed to herself and the board from Angela Schreiter. In the letter is stated that if she is voted in as Municipal Judge, she will be appointing Tammy Free as her court clerk based on Tammy’s prior experience as the court clerk.

The new officials who were voted in at the April election stopped by the clerk’s office and were sworn in.

Submitted by Laurie Sweeny,
Edited by Linda Titel