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The News from Shiocton

The cold and snow didn’t bother these wild turkeys looking for food in a field near Shiocton. – Photo by Linda Titel

Ely Tuscherer, age 6, enjoys a snowmobile ride at his grandma and papas house in Shiocton on Monday, December 26. – Photo by Linda Titel

The snow falls gently on this rustic shed on a farm in Shiocton. – Photo by Linda Titel

FBLA Members Attend National Fall Leadership Conference in Milwaukee

On the morning of November 4, thirteen Shiocton FBLA members began the drive down to the National Fall Leadership Conference, a conference many would never forget. This conference was held in Milwaukee, WI, and is only one of three held…

Shiocton School Paper Drive Updates

Tim Huebner would like to thank all who contributed to the Fall 2016 paper drive. The three fall drive yielded over 17 tons of recyclables. Funds raised from the paper drive have fully funded eight Shiocton Middle School classrooms with…